1st Day Patch Release

Copied from the Useless Op's comment:
So I'm officially releasing the patch at this point in time. I had an earlier comment here but I posted the wrong links. In any case, patch downloads.

Original release: http://www.mediafire.com/?k6ldw8s6bdpzuw1
EbiKore release: http://www.mediafire.com/?n9d1mnm4os6q743

PSP release: http://www.mediafire.com/?tt9a97t8ymy635m

Please read the readme first for instructions on how to patch and answers to some questions I gave beforehand to avoid confusion about some things about the project. The SVN has also been updated mostly with a few exceptions for the tool and documentation has been also update.

In all, I hope you all enjoy.


Project updates from the translators group and forum:

Amagami SS PS2 English Translation research project

Hi, guys!

This is an initial post of the Amagami SS PS2 English Translation research project.
For a couple of months I've been analyzing bits and bytes in the HEX editor, and finally I'm ready to publish the collected results.
The work is not over yet, but essential part is complete.

NOTE! This information is dedicated to developers/researchers who want to participate in this task.
The provided software and information is NOT guaranteed to be fully functional and bug-free. Use it on your own risk.

So, what do I have to share?
1. A document describing game file formats and required tools.

2. A software tool for processing different formats described in the document (not complete, but the algorithms are already there). There are both source files and binaries available.
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/44714814/amg_codec_tool.bin.zip (may be outdated!)

The most up-to-date source code is placed at:

3. Unpacked game files.

4. Example of the human-readable XML game script representation:

What are the troubles:
1. The main problem is monospace text. Looks pretty bad. But simple ASCII codes of S-JIS are used for some control sequences. So, there is the only possibility to hack the game binary and to do some code modifications...


So, a solution was found by Useless Op . Here is an image:

Look for more info in the comments below.

How-to (tutorial)

This is a short description of steps to inject your translation:
*** You should use the latest amg_codec_tool compiled from sources obtained from SVN repo ***
1. Extract SCENARIO.ARC from ISO with any archiver
2. Create a temporary folder and put SCENARIO.ARC there
3. Create a folder SCENARIO_DIR for extracted files
4. Get available options:
amg_codec_tool.exe --help
5. Run
amg_codec_tool.exe --decode-arc SCENARIO.ARC SCENARIO_DIR scenario.xml
You'll get many files in SCENARIO_DIR and structure description in scenario.xml
6. Find a file with required text.
You may use HEX editor and look through the SCENARIO.ARC, after finding the entry position, search the nearest SCF signature and look up the file name using scenario.xml.
7. Convert to XML:
amg_codec_tool.exe --decode-scf SCENARIO_DIR\file_0008.scf file_0008.xml
8. You may view contents of the file file_0008.xml with any browser or text editor supporting Japanese.
9. Find the text to translate and fill it like this:
<entry type="5" index="24">
      <text index="0">
        <original lang="jp">多分気のせいだとは思うんだけど、</original>
        <translation mode="on" lang="eng">AMG Project by FreeSmiler</translation>
*** Do not forget to enable the translation by setting mode="on" ***
10. Compile the SCF file:
amg_codec_tool.exe --encode-scf --translate eng file_0008.xml SCENARIO_DIR\file_0008.scf
11. Compile the ARC file:
amg_codec_tool.exe --encode-arc  SCENARIO_DIR scenario.xml SCENARIO.ARC
12. Open ISO in UltraISO and replace SCENARIO.ARC with the new one. Save your changes and load the ISO to PCSX.
13. If everything was OK, you should get the english text instead of japanese. Enjoy!